RPS Electrical Services Limited
                                  Office :- 01213273018

                           Mobile:- 07783205550  
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About Us

RPS Electrical was established in 2008, although we are a relatively new company RPS Electrical Services employ experienced staff and we are proud to say that our clients always received the best professional service they each deserve, we strive in giving our customers a professional service.

Dependant on the work requirement when arriving at your home or business premises we will provide you with a quotation if not this will be provided within 24 hours, Our promise to you is that we will ALWAYS arrive on time so not to keep you waiting, our friendly staff are always respectful to you and to your property, in our opinion using dust sheets and being polite at all times shouldn't be part of the service but common courtesy. 

After the work is finished our electricians will be happy to provide you with any information on the services and products they have been tasked to install ALL of our staff are more than happy to answer any question.

Our name RPS means:- Reliable Profressional Service

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